About Us


Our story:

I am the owner and designer of Sweet Berries Clothes. I was born in Europe and moved to Australia not so long ago. Since I remember myself, I was always involved in sport. Like most kids, I got into sport at a very young age and kept training for the fun of it, friendships and to stay in shape.

I love exercising, however sometimes I get lazy. At some point I have noticed that since my transition to nice-looking workout clothes, it has made a big difference for my motivation and willingness to exercise. I’m not saying that there are workout clothes that can magically increase my metabolism or give me a six pack, but I do believe in the power of good looking, flattering fitness clothes!

My new wardrobe worked as a motivator to get me to the gym! Moreover, I started exploring the sport universe in Australia. I love any type of exercising, pole dance, aerial silks, hoop, yoga, HIIT and basketball. Australia is a holy land for fitness and sport junkies. I wish I had more time to participate in all sports and activities I love. To be efficient with my time, I needed a super ultra-organized sport wardrobe. Wardrobe that will be efficient, versatile and good looking. To my amazement, I found it very hard to find activewear on the market that worked for me.

I thought that I am not the only one facing the same dilemma. That's where I started thinking about my own designs of outfits and placing orders for my custom-made outfit pieces for different types of sports I love! 

Believe me, your fitness will hit a new level when your workout clothes hug you in all the right places, give you the perfect look and support, and keep you cool and dry during your workout session!

Trendy and functional workout clothes can motivate you to work out, and even workout harder!

Sweet Berries is here for YOU, to inspire you on your inclusive sport journey, connect you with others and help you look great!