Our Statement

Yes, looks do matter!

      Just because you are going to get sweaty, doesn’t mean you can’t look good, right? What better motivation is there to hit the gym or make it to a yoga or pole-dance class than to debut your new workout gear. We want you to look great, feel confident and show off your active lifestyle with cool yet functional athletic apparel! You can do it in style with Sweet Berries that offer fashionable and functional active-wear. Nice looking apparel can inspire to go further, lift confidence and give extra energy and motivation!



Sweet Berries products:

      Our aim is to create a stylish line of premium quality yoga, pole dance and fitness clothing for a reasonable price. We choose high quality materials that can satisfy extreme requirements considering to intensive sweating and frequent washing. Our products are made perfectly elastic but tight so while practising it doesn’t limit you in movement and on the other hand it is not loose at all. When it gets wet you don’t feel cold and it dries very quickly. Even after everyday washing our clothes keep the same shape and colour for many years. After washing they dry in a couple of hours so you can use them again very soon. 


Pole dance range:

      Sweet Berries clothes create a beautiful combination of elegant, athletic, stylish and feminine design. Like your second skin. Clothing for sweaty workouts. Pole shorts, sports bras and yoga leggings all are made in Europe with Australian design.

Why Pole dance? It has made us accept our self for who we are and our own body and it has also brought so many wonderful people into our life. The pole dance community is one of the best things in this world. You get pole sisters/brothers for life. We would love to see pole in the Olympics, because it would show the world that we are just gymnasts on a vertical pole, but I would also like to have the creative part of pole, such as pole art and pole theatre. Everyone should have the possibility to choose who they want to be on stage.  

Don't find any excuse, just go to a pole class today and enjoy! 


Sweet Berries Active-Wear:

    Our active-wear will work for any type of yoga! We recommend dressing for the temperature of the class, rather than the type. For hot yoga, a bra top and leggings. For yoga without added heat, layer up with a top or singlet and jumper you can remove once the class is in full flow, and reach for again during savasana (the end relaxation period). 

    Wear Sweet Berries while running, working out, gym, HIIT, CrossFit, jamming out at a music festival, or travelling the world!


Completely made in Europe.

    Sweet Berries active-wear is made with love and care! We are proud that our clothes are designed in Australia and completely manufactured in Europe including all materials, threads, accessories and labels. It means, we can control the entire production and meet the high quality standard.